About Sathsang

Love, Affection, Devotion, Respect, Kindness, Friendship are the essential qualities of human life.Every soul longs for love and affection. It also craves for good friend and wants to share its love with others. The unique forum where it finds solace is none other than Mahadevi Sathsangam. Eighteen years ago it was formed with the divine blessings of Kanchi Paramacharya to propagate universal love and peace. Truth Simplicity flexibility and pure love are the four pillars on which sathsang rests.

Main Motto

1. Love one and all
2. Love your family but do not be a slave
3. Practice before you preach
4. Help needy for their education and render necessary medical assistance besides helping them in various ways.
5. Spiritual path is Universal Status/ Caste/ Creed/ Sex is not a barrier.


Half eaten apple by the lord During vasanth utsav at the end of Navrathri in 2005, people from Bairagi Mutt came to Sathsang to decorate the sanctum sanctorum with garlands and flowers.


Shringar is done for all the deities by Gurupriyaji and Bhog is offered. Everyday in the evening bhajans are performed. Guruji reads out passages from holy books.