About Guruji


Mahadevi Sathsangam is run under the loving and able guidance of Gurupriyaji. She hails from Kancheepuram town of Tamilnadu. She is a blessed shishya of His Holiness Kanchi Paramacharya who is fondly known as Periava throughout the world. She was given the name Gurupriya by Kanchi sage. She is unique in the sense she doesn’t touch money.

She started her spiritual voyage writing religious travelogue in Mangai magazine. In her mid twenties with divine grace she started drawing the picture of Hanuman in one stroke and filled it up with Ram Nam. It was blessed by Periava and she was instructed to draw for all without specifying any amount and earmark the said sum for the renovation of ancient Lakshminarasimha temple at Sevillimedu near Kancheepuram.

place in the year 2001 and Rajagopura Kumbhabeshakam is scheduled to take place in
January 2008. So far she has drawn around 5000 Hanuman pictures which gave great solace to people who received it. People from all walks of life flock to her for peace and she in turn consoles and motivates them to lead meaningful life and face all odds with happiness.

In the late twenties she received divine instructions from Kanchi to chant mantra for yogakshema. In the year 2000 she attained Mantra Siddhi and was given a silver bowl by a sage to take her food. The sage said that she is a human form vibrating with 1000 watts divine energy and brimming with love.

When Shri 1008 Damodar Mahanth from Bairagi Mutt came to install Radhaji in Sathsang , he gave her the title ” 1008 Gurupriyaji Maharaj “. He too said that for Jan Kalyan she has to part with her divine energy and being in family she will be able to achieve it.

She is a homemaker blessed with a family consisting of her husband who is a retired gazetted officer. Her only son is working for software firm bleesed with wife and two small sons.

She does the shringar for the deities with pure love and prepares bhog. In the evening with her sweet voice she sings bhajans. She takes Vedanta classes with zeal and fervour and assures that it should be the way of our life.