Golden Words


I saw group of
Birds let out to fly,
I saw the sun,
Travel in the clear sky.

I saw fish
Swim in the water,
What is the need of human beings?
“Liberty”! yes heartful liberty!

We cannot find it from
Liberty or legend
We want to travel inner
With clear mind

It leads us ‘Thoughtless stage’
When we reach the thoughtless –
We will win the wonderful name –
In the world play stage

If sins are Capital
Of our life,
We must try to journey with
Sincere prayer!

If love is Capital
Of our life,
We must try to spread the
Message of love.

If sorrows are Capital
Of our life,
Let us try to avoid and
Console People’s sorrow

World is a trade Centre!
God is the greatest “BOSS”!
If we want to successfully trade
Try to make this way

I heard clear voice from the God!
I want to share with you
my dear heart!

You must have a knowledge
About selfless stage,
God told and showed me
all this bye earth

Trees give us fruits and flowers
Without reciprocal need,
The trees are selfless
The bow rushed harshly
Stringed violin
It gives us good music sound
Violin never thought about
Our side help
The wind blows without reciprocal
Think dear heart! What about you

We don’t know what is the
Clear meaning of the word “Prisoner”
We think if any one is
Put in a jail, he is convict And he is Prisoner!
From and before our birth,
We are all Prisoners.
At first we stayed at mother’s belly
Oh, how dark and unclean jail.
After, we came to this world
All circumstances make us Prisoners!
Life, sorrow, happiness etc,
We know the pain of this jail
Old age diseases threaten us
At that time we don’t know
What we do, because
We are all Prisoners!
Till our death we are all Prisoners!
We pray always god
Oh, God! Save us from the prison life!
Give us a good freedom!.

Who knows what will happen
Next moment in our life!
We see the Sun, Moon, Stars
Who knows from where it comes;
And what it contains!.

The changing stages of childhood,
Youth and old age…..
Who knows about this clearly?
Now, let us just think about these things-
It is “Secret”!

If we know all these things
We will have no interest in our life
And we get a fear also!
So, God rules this earth
and heaven as Secret…..
He has arranged like this with his mercy!.
I request you dear
don’t have to know about anxiety the secret
do your duties!
Accept all things as it is!.