Power of ” Rama Nama “


Chanting ” Ram ” and ” Krishna ” creates positive and powerful vibrations. Mind chattering is wiped out and instead peace and harmony prevails. As a result happiness blooms pure love and clarity become the torch bearer’s of one’s life.

To illustrate necessarily a mention has to be made about Ms.Usha a true member of Mahadevi Sath Sangam. She was a member for almost 12 yrs.

Right at inception she was initiated in the chanting of ” Ram ” Nam by Guruji to reach the abode of Lord Krishna or Shyam Sundar.

Regularly she started chanting in lakhs per day. When she completed her target of one Crore, Guruji blessed her by sending Mukundan/Balgopal deity to her residence for Bhajans. Ms. Usha was a very simple and pious person, very loving and affectionate with one and all. Two years back she went on a pilgrimage with her family members to Dwaraka.After visiting Srinath Temple she felt she was blessed and shared it with her family members. During her stay, she fell ill and was hospitalized. She breathed her last breath chanting ” Ram ” Nam , looking at the picture of ” Srinathji ” in her room in the hospital.

Dwaraka is known as Moksha Bhoomi . Last moment she was relaxed and happy. During her life time, she had written “Ram” nam of 1 Crore and chanted upto 3 Crores. Her mother completed the shortfall of 3000 nams/3 lakhs ” Ram “nam.

Usha’s life depicts, that simplicity and blind faith pave way to reach the Lord.