Kancheepuram is popularly known in South India as a famous “Temple Town” because there are hundreds of Temples – Small and big built by Pallava Kings. There is a hamlet about 2 kms away from this town called “SEVILIMEDU”.

It is said that the maid servant (Sevilithai) of Pallava Queen stayed in this village and hence it is known as “ Sevilimedu ”. Another reason cited by some is ”SEVALLI POOKAL” were in the ponds in the village which was the reason for the name of the village.

SRI LAKSHMI NARASIMHASWAMY Temple is located in this village. There are epigraphic evidence to show that Raja Parameswara Pallava performed Samproshanam for this temple. The age of the temple is said to be around 1200 yrs old. The temple is situated in 2 acres with 65 feet Rajagopuram. There are separate Sannathis for Perumal, Thayyar and Anjaneyaswamy. The Moolavar Narasimhar is 7 ft height and 5 ft breadth, the Uthsavar is known as SOUNDARYA VARDHAR . Hence Thayyar also is 5 ft height with 3 ft breadth. The Thayyar is called Soundaravalli Thayar .

In the older days, during the invasion of Moghals, the Uthsavar (Devarajaswamy) of VARADARAJA SWAMY Temple of Kanchipuram was kept in this temple for nearly one year. All Poojas, Thirumanjanam and festivals were performed for SRI Varadarajaswamy for nearly one year. In honoring this, SRI VARADARAJASWAMY visits Sevilimedu Temple every year on Chitra Pournami Day.

SRI RAMANUJAR, the great Vaishnava ile Saint did Theertha Kankaryam for SRI VARADARAJASWAMY from “SALAI KINARU” situated in Sevilimedu village.

Smt. Vijaya Seshadri was born in this village and later married to Mr.Seshadri a native of Sevilimedu. She is a staunch follower of SRI KANCHI PARAMACHARYA. In 1980 when she visited the temple she felt the need of ANJANEYA SWAMI SANNADHI in the Prakaram. She then approached PARAMACHARYA for Guidance. Paramacharya advised her to draw pictures of Anjaneya with the outline of nama “Ram Ram” and distribute to one and all. Whatever contributions given by the devotees were used for the installing the idol of Lord Anjaneya.

His Holiness blessed Smt.Vijaya Seshadri with the name ” Gurupriya “.

With the blessing of Paramacharya and with the amount donated by various devotees, Lord Anjaneyaswamy Samprokshanam took place on 5-12-1981.

The Temple needed several repairs and the Rajagopuram, which was in a dilapidated condition had to be demolished and a new Rajagopuram built. All these tasks were a big challenge before the devotees since it required several lakhs of rupees. However with the blessings of SRI PARAMACHARYA, Sri Gurupriyaji and her husband MR. Seshadri took up the Kainkaryam

Sri. S.V. Seshadri a retired under Secretary of Education Dept, Tamil Nadu, is an epitome of Simplicity and perfection. He is merely a man of action than a preacher.

Above all he shuns publicity and prefers to remain in shadow. His generosity and kindness has enabled MAHADEVISATH SANGHAM and Charitable Trust to function in the upstairs portion of his house situated at 8A, Perialwar st. Sundaram Colony, Tambarm East – 59. Besides he was the driving force along with Gurupriyaji in the Consecration of 1200 yrs. old SRI LAKSHMI NARASIMHA SWAMY TEMPLE of the Pallava period for nearly 25 yrs.

It is necessary to highlight about Mahadevi Sath Sangam which covers members from all sections of the Society. The Sangam actively involved towards the temple Thiruppani . Gradually the natives of Sevilimedu, Philanthropist, friends and various charities joined the Thiruppani. The Perumal and Thayar Sannathi were completely altered and Samproshanam has performed on 13 th July 2001. The Rajagopuram still remained in a dilapidated condition. The permission of HR & CE dept. was obtained to demolish the Rajagopuram and build a new one. BALALAYAM was performed on 21/08/2004. The work could not be started immediately due to certain procedural formalities. However in 2005, the work resumed and it was completed on May 2008. There was no Dwajasthambam so efforts were taken to install. One donor came forward to meet the entire cost of around Rs 7 ½ lakhs, which includes the Main door also.

Samprokshanam for Rajagopuram was performed on 6 th June 2008 in a Refitting manner. It was attended by a large number of devotees MAHADEVI SATH SANNATH (MSS) MAHADEVI CHARITABLE TRUST (MCT) likes to extend its services in various fields and also renders assistance to the needy.

Any contributions can be sent to the following Address.

Smt. Rathinam, 33 A (Old No),
Perialwar St .,
Sundaram Colony,
East Tambaram – 59
Phone: 044 – 22391452