About Sathsang

The sathsang his performed sudharsana homam and Srisuktha homam for world peace. It was followed by Ramakoti nama and Radhe Govinda nama yagnam. Chantings were given as ahuthi. A Special mention has to be made about Andal Neerantal utsavam conducted in March 2006 with great zeal and fervour. Shri Govinda Battachariar of Srivilliputhur Andal Temple and shri Kasthuri Battachariar of Tiruneermalai, Pallavaram were instrumental in decorating the deities and recreating the utsavam that takes place in srivilliputhur.

Devotional books on Krishna have been published through sathsang. Radhe Krishna cassette – lyrics composed by Gurupriyaji was released in the year 2000

Mahadevi Sathsangam had launched during 1999, a charitable Trust. Apart from spiritual activities, helping poor children to pursue higher education, young needy women in contacting their marriages, providing food to the needy on special occasions is carried out. Patriotic fervour too is cherishesd. During Kargil war, Cloths and money were collected and sent to the Jawans in border areas.

Twelve years ago Selaiyur Ramani Guruji presented graceful marble statue of Krishna with an enchanting smile on his lips and holding a flute. It was named Manivannan by Shri Krishna Premi maharaj. With the arrival of Manivannan, changes started taking place with geometric progression. Sathsangis felt that Manivannan was longing for Radhaji and approached Bairagi Mutt at Mint. Ripe old sage Shri 1008 Damodar Mahanth who was aged around 97 years, procured marble statue of Radhaji from Rajasthan. By sheer coincidence it was from the same sculptor who carved Manivannsan, He personally came to sathsang to install it. Radhaji was named as Kishori by shri Krishna premi maharaj. With the blessing of bhanke bihari, Vrindhaven, kala Krishna arrived in the month of April 2007. He too has been named as Kunjabihari by Krishna premi maharaj.