Half eaten apple by the lord

During vasanth utsav at the end of Navrathri in 2005, people from Bairagi Mutt came to Sathsang to decorate the sanctum sanctorum with garlands and flowers. In the process they had kept an apple at the lotus feet of Manivannan, which was covered by flowers. Next morning when Gurupriyaji removed the flowers for doing the shringar she found half eaten apple which looked fresh. It remained fresh for almost a week. It is a revelation that Manivannan is brimming with life – He is nothing but pesum deivam.

Missing garland

On a Saturday morning around 11 am in the morning a devotee offered two jasmine garlands and it was instantly adorned to the deities. After darshan time was over, sathsang hall was locked. In the evening when it was opened for darshan, one garland was missing. It looks that Manivannan had magnanimously accepted the garland. He is not made out of marble alone, but embodiment of love and energy.

Divine stick offered by a 17 year old youth

Just before Ashad Ekadasi in the month of May 2006, Guruji had a divine vision of honouring all Santh Maharaj with shawls. Immediately she proceeded to Pandaripur with Sathsang members. One km before reaching Pandaripur they had to pass through fields. Senior Sathsang member Suswaraji wanted a stout stick for making a Janda and asked her grandson to obtain it from the fields. Suddenly from nowhere a youth of 17 years dark in complexion, with big bright eyes, enquired what they were searching for. Instantly he went inside the fields and presented a thick stick with a smooth surface which gave impression that it must have been used for ages. He came forward to look deep into the eyes of Gurupryaji who was seated in the car and held her palms tightly. Immediately with a magic smile he backed out and just simply vanished. It was nothing but the divine presence of Krishna none other than Panduranga. The divine stick is exhibited in Sathsang.

Manifestation of coins

Consequent to the divine call, Gurupriyaji went along with ten Sathsang members to Brindavan in September 2005. All boarded the train at 4.30 pm in Grand Trunk Express at Chennai Central station. Around 7 pm when the train was nearing Nellore, fragrant smell of flowers was felt by all the members. With Balgopal idol in their midst all members were clapping hands and singing bhajans with devotion. Suddenly one Sathsang member noticed a coin rolling on the floor. A Sathsang member by name Suparnaji was speechless and with tears brimming in her eyes revealed her palms. It was full of coins worth Rs 16/- Gurupriyaji said that Balgopal was virtually traveling with all the members and he has made his presence felt. It is nothing but the grace of the lord.

Garland of Tulsi dripping with water

One evening during Sathsang a devote offered a fresh tulsi garland for Manivannan. Next morning when Gurupriyaji was engrossed in gathering information about Agasthia Munivar, devout Sathsang member was engaged in removing old garlands from the deities. When she removed dried up tulsi garland, she found it dripping with water and collected crystal clear water in a cup. It puzzled whoever was there. The Guruji got the omnipresent Manivannan has conveyed the holy presence of Agasthia Munivar who is associated with river Kaveri in sanctum sanctorum and also that he was listening to all the queries.

Location of Shri.Krishna chand chordia

For quite some time Gurupriyaji was spotting out a Marwari gentleman named Kishan Chand who came to have darshan of Manivannan and Kishore in her vision. She made enquiries with people associated with Marwaris for almost a year. It turned out to be futile. Then she asked her shishyas to meditate to seek guidance. One Sathsang member informed that the gentleman’s name was Krishna Chand and is in possession of a white ambassador car. By sheer coincidence one Sathsang member informed Guruji that her school correspondent’s name was Krishna Chand Chordia in puzhal area. On being contacted he came in person in his white ambassador car to have darshan. It was gathered from him that he was a Marwari born on Janmashtami in Mewar village of Rajasthan.

Vasu Pradha

Sathsangam celebrated this year’s Navarathri festival with devotion and dedication. One miracle happened during the celebrations. Yellow Vastram was kept near Radhe Manivanna and the next day an inscription on the Vastram reading “Vasu Pradha” was noticed. Who else could have done this? Of course, it should be one of the “Leelas” of Radhe Manivanna. -Blessings from Gurupriya Maharaj Ji on this auspicious occasion